Ionuț Ristea, Sorin Marin, Gelu Huzău, Diana Marin, Cornelia Petroman, Ioan Petroman


The main reasons for spending time on the animal farm, recreation in nature, participation in farm activities, education, fun and recreation, were identified in order to assess the consumption behaviors of farm tourists and find solutions that improve leisure and extend leisure stay in these units. Note the complex nature of the tourism industry and its interference with other areas of the economy, which increases the difficulty of accurately assessing its size and economic contribution due to its complexity and specific nature, the tourism industry, cannot always be sufficiently defined in terms of goods and services offered but rather in types of consumers and time worked. In the established structures of the branches of economy or of products and services, there is no farm tourism industry, and yet, the term agrotourism is often used on animal, vegetable, horticultural, viticultural or in general by farm tourism. When the tourist buys a leisure stay in rural area in order to spend his free time on a farm with a certain profile, he acquires not only a collection of accommodation, food, transport or leisure services, but also a certain image, by using a healthy environment and unscathed from farm’s area.


farm;farm tourism;leisure stay

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